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Our Story

Hi friends! I'm Crystal -  and I am the candle addict behind Sparkle Candle Co. I am so happy that you found us and I can't wait to share all our beautiful candles with you!

I have always been a candle addict. I was/am the person always headed for the candle section in every store I shop. You could find me sniffing all the different scents and trying so hard to decide which one was coming home with me. I literally wanted to take each and every one home. AND if you were receiving a gift from me - you could be rest assured that it would be a scented candle that you were receiving. I was - and still am - a little bit obsessed.

Along came 2018 and this is when the roots for Sparkle Candle Co. were planted. I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. All those candles that I was so obsessed with, they were about to became my go-to when I needed to ground, focus and calm. The flicker of the flame created that cozy atmosphere where I could relax and feel at ease, while the scent would trigger feelings of happy moments from the past. A quick google search on natural ways to cope with anxiety confirmed there was, in fact, scientific based evidence that candles and scent were effective at soothing us. 

Next, this had me thinking about what I burning in my home. I knew that I needed something that was safe, all natural, and sustainable because I would be burning candles A LOT. Then came some more research and another thought - if I made my own, I would know EXACTLY what was in them!

Fast forward through a lot of trial and error, maybe a few tears and a lot of failed attempts to get where we are today, but let me introduce you to Sparkle Candle Co. where our mission is well - pretty simple.

  • Each candle is hand poured in our studio located in Tillsonburg, ON.
  • Each candle is made with love and integrity using only a few necessary ingredients; all natural soy wax, high quality fragrance oils free from any phthalates or parabens and cotton/wood wicks - without the use of any additives or dyes.
  • Each candle would provide a delicate scent and cozy ambiance that was suitable for all styles of decor.

My hope is that you will welcome them in to your home and enjoy them as much as I love to create them.