10 Ways You'll Benefit from Burning Candles

10 Reasons to Burn Candles

A long time ago candles were simply used for a source of light. Now they are so much more.

Candles are used for celebrations, romance, self care, aromatherapy and decor. Candles set a mood of calmness, harness serenity and soften any room.

Here are 10 ways you'll benefit from burning candles:


When you light a candle it gives a flicker that creates an ambiance you truly can recreate. It can change a room to cozy and welcoming in one second. Candles can soothe, calm and relax us. 

The scents in candles can affect your mood greatly. Eucalyptus can energize and increase focus, Lemon can relieve depression, some scents can evoke fond memories.


Whether you’re lighting candles on a cupcake or having a romantic candlelit dinner to celebrate your anniversary, candles are a wonderful way to mark celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, retirement and so much more.


Candles are a stylish way to add the finishing touch to any room in your house. Bathroom candles provide a spa-like retreat, strategically placed candles throughout your living room make it cozy and calm, candles at the centerpiece of your dining room table keep romantic candlelit dinners, and kitchen candles spark the atmosphere where we gather most often and can kill odors. Use candles outdoors on your patio or porch.


Scented candles are a perfect way to subtly add a wonderful fragrance to your space, and cover-up unwelcome odors. We offer a wide variety of scented candles: everything from fruity to baked goods; from herbal & earthy to airy & clean, from woodsy & masculine to floral & feminine, from food & drink to seasonal & festive.

Add scent without the soot: candles made from soy wax are soot free, non-toxic, burn clean, and last much longer than traditional paraffin which produces black soot and releases toxic carcinogens into the air. 


Burning candles can be beneficial to your health. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking care of your mind: lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well-being.

Not all candles are created equal: some candles can actually be harmful for your health. Learn more about why we use soy wax and the harmful health effects of paraffin wax.


Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support your practice. There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle.


Our sense of smell is strongly tied with memory, so we often associate a specific scent with a moment or memory. 


Keep that spark alive in your relationship with a little candlelight: turn any dinner into a romantic, candlelit moment. Always keep candles on your nightstands; when the mood strikes, light it and turn up the heat - nothing enhances the moment quite like some soft lighting.


Everyone has particular scent preferences and everybody smells things differently. Burn the scents that you love. Some of our Noted and Quoted candles help you communicate how you are feeling..


You don’t have to leave your candles behind when you travel: take all these benefits on the road with you. Pack our travel tin candles and turn any space, anywhere in the world, into your own personal sanctuary. Feel at home anywhere with your favorite scent burning.